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Sailing to Freedom (Feature)

Sailing to Freedom (Feature) 2021

Title: Sailing to Freedom (Feature)
Director: Peeter Rebane

In development.  Development financing granted by the Estonian Film Institute and MEDIA Program of the EU.

Sailing to Freedom is an adventure drama set in 1944 which tells the true story of Estonian boat refugees who flee the advancing Red Army to safety on tiny wooden fishing boats, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. This real life journey attracted extraordinary attention of the press in the 1940’s and even gained the attention of President Truman, leading to passing of new legislation in the USA.  Sailing to Freedom is the first large scale Estonian epic film, telling our universal and timeless story to the rest of the world.  This film will be an important milestone, a reminder of our own past as refugees at a time when the new refugee crisis has taken on such an unprecedented scale across Europe and the world.

Produced by: The Factory & Meelis Niinepuu